Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Amazing Works

Forwarded email of my officemate. I want to share with you guys that we can do it whatever we want just have focus on it, determination to finish it, believe that you can do it and always have faith in God. that is the secret of it.

Make sure you view it until the end.

is it amazing?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

How about it

Hay...... I don't know what to do and I can't even express myself what bothering me. I'm thinking about my wedding and my task at work.

Task at work . --> Last almost 3 months ago my boss assigned my to new project. I'm so excited cause the project was very good and interesting also i could meet new developers and their IT Project Director (awesome). But I'm worrying about it now cause it seems it take me to long finish the requirements. I admit that the requirements was not easy (headbang)(sweating). I would like to thank my boss that he gave me this opportunity and understanding us. He suggest that just always think positive and that's what I'm doing now even before hehehe . I want to make these things done now.

Wedding --> I know that every woman wants to have a church wedding. 4 months from now my girlfriend and i we're getting married. But before that we need to prepare necessary things. The requirements for the license, church, gowns, video, photos, reception, program, invitations and many more.. (sweating) (worried) I need to have big savings to make things done. Anyways I'm striving hard to make things done I'm worrying about it and I'm now pressured. I admit that I'm pressured but for her i can do it and make these things done (Think Positive and Believe). Just have a little patient pangit.

Any advise?